A big call out to Clarissa Moritz, 3R, who  created this AMAZING half and half self portrait. Clarissa used space and and perspective to great effect and demonstrated a very high level of understanding of the ‘mathematics’ of the face. Well done Clarissa!


At the beginning of each year, before the children even start, all the adults come back to OLGC to prepare for the year ahead. One of the exciting things we always do is create a new prayer cloth. This year we christened our art room to make this special piece of work that symbolises us […]


While we were waiting to collect our bags from the baggage carousel in New York, Pig saw a pug sign and disappeared. We haven’t seen him for days. The New York Police Department have been keeping us updated, he has been sighted all over the city. Fingers crossed he is behaving himself.           

Pig Misses Trevor

Remember how awful Pig is to poor Trevor the sausage dog in all his books? Well surprise, surprise, after a few weeks away Pig is actually missing dear old Trevor and he has been trying to make some new friends. Unfortunately Pig doesn’t understand how to share and he is very selfish so it doesn’t […]