The 2017 OLGC Art Show opened on Friday night to great excitement and fanfare. The choir sang, Mrs Gray spoke, Eric played guitar and the art work amazed! Pizza, face painting and entertainment followed with the Gargoyle causing a commotion. Thank you to everyone who supported this event. Please enjoy the photos and share your […]


It’s a bust time in the Art Room as we prepare for the Art Show. Students are busily selecting their favourite piece of art work to exhibit and teachers are busy promoting and preparing. As the exhibition begins to take shape I am overwhelmed by the amazing talents of each child. I look forward to […]


Throughout term 2 students have been experimenting with different forms of weaving. We have had to think about the process of weaving: under, over, under, over and also the colour scheme we have created. In years 5 and 6 we have been creating circular weaving with some amazing results. See what you think…..                    


In the art room this week we have been exploring the process of printing. For inspiration we studied a series of prints created by Andy Warhol who used simple black outlines to capture images of his beloved cats. Interestingly, Warhol named every he owned ‘Sam’. To develop prints we placed transparencies over photographs of real […]